PNS630 portable analyzer was designed for smart substation maintenance.
IEC61850-8-1(Goose),IEC61850-92, IEC60044-7/8 msssage can be monitored and analyzed, digital relay test function also equipped. SMV GOOSE message numerical and status analysis were realized and dispalyed visually by its numerical analyzing function. 


  • Support IEC 61850-9-2, IEC 60044-7/8 (FT3), GOOSE, IRIG-B and IEEE1588 standards.
  • Support SCD, ICD, CID files analysis to get sampling value, sampling channel and GOOSE signal configuration.
  • Support SCD displayed in graphics.
  • Support SMV ang GOOSE monitor, and record the abnormal messages.
  • Support IEC60044-7/8 (FT3) receving and sending. The baud rates 2.5Mbps, 5Mbps, 10Mbps is available.
  • Support IEC 61850-9-2/9-2LE receiving and sending. ASDU 1-8 is available.
  • Support message monitor and record (PCAP format) for analysis.
  • Support network load analysis.
  • Support phase check.
  • Support IRIG-B and IEEE 1588 synchronization to provide time synchronization and clock source.
  • Simulate MU to output IEC61850-9-2, IEC 60044-7/8 to test digital relays.
  • Support IED time delay and SOE test.
  • Support MU time delay test, synchronization and time test.
  • Support to output messages in different flow.
  • Support SMV in different status in maximum 10.
  • Support DC testing to test digital voltage, CT and PT’s polarity.
  • Support dBm test within -31dbm~-14dbm at wavelength 1310nm.
  • Large LCD screen to operate.
  • Chargeable battery for continuous working 6 hours above.


Interface Function
Optical Ports

2 ports to receive FT3 messages or receive IRIG-B code.

2 ports to send FT3 messages or send IRIG-B code.

Port Type: ST

Wavelength: 850nm, supporting baud rate 2.5M, 5M, 10M

Power ≥–15dBm


Optical Ethernet Ports

4 pairs of 100Mbps optical Ethernet.

Send or receive IEC61850-9-2 and GOOSE messages.

Port type: LC

Wavelength: 1310nm

Power ≥–20dBm


LAN port

100Mbps Ethernet

Port type: RJ-45


Input: 1 pair

Output: 1 pair

Micro SD card

Used to import configuration file, save record file and screen shot pictures.


Connect with PC or Pad.

Power socket

Inject power supply