PONOVO PH Series Travelling Wave Fault Location Tester

PH series traveling wave fault location tester is a
new device to meet the needs of testing and
verification for traveling wave fault location equipment.


  •  Wide frequency band, 0~500KHz (3dB bandwidth)
  • Excellent transient characteristics, rise and fall times <3μs
  • The waveform is smooth, true and burr-free
  • Accurate amplitude, accurate to 0.5%
  • Remote synchronization, GPS trigger remote devices’ sync error ≤0.5μs
  • High-speed playback, maximum data sampling rate is10MHz


PH series travelling wave fault location tester is a
new device to meet the needs of testingand
verification for travelling wave fault location equipment.
PH series travelling wave fault location tester is
with three-phase widebandwidth, high-speed current output
channels so that it could playback the complete travelling
wave fault signal with high quality. Thetester software
owns fault playback function, which can output either the
corresponding traveling wave signal according to the EMPT
simulation waveform data of the power system fault current
traveling wave or the recorded travelling waveform data
from the substation or any other actual field testings.
Meanwhile, the software supports reading and editing the
comtrade format data file. Also, the customzied auto-test
software which could support to create and playback userdefined waveform is optional so as to facilicate calibration
purpose in laboratory.
PH series travelling wave fault location tester could
finalize the verification of 2 travelling-wave fault location
equipment in 2 diiferent location with long-distance transmission
by time-sychronization with GPS accessory which could work
together with PH series verification platform.

High-speed current source

 Output channel: 3 or 6;
 Current parameter: Instantaneous maximum value is 15A at fault wave output;
the short-time output current RMS is 10A; continuous output current RMS is 5A;
 Rated power: 60VA for a single channel;
 Amplitude accuracy (test waveform is 50Hz sine wave; PH01/PH02/PH03):
Waveform RMS range: 0.5 ≤ I < 10A, accuracy ≤ 0.5%;
Waveform RMS range: 0.1 ≤ I < 0.5A, accuracy ≤ 1% ± 1mA;
 Amplitude-frequency characteristics: 0Hz~500KHz (3dB bandwidth);
 Amplifier current output transient characteristics: Output rise and fall time is 3μs,
5A trapezoidal wave current, positive and negative overshoot <10%.

Protective function

 Current open circuit protection and alarm

Output synchronization

 Synchronization error of one device’s different channels is not more than 0.2μS;
 Two devices are synchronized by GPS sub-pulse and quick binary input, and
the synchronous error is not more than 0.5μS.

High-speed playback

 The maximum data sampling rate supported is 10MHz.
 Support pre-fault slow playback, the maximum playback time is the 50s; it supports
high-speed playback of fault waveforms, the shortest playback period is 80ms.
 Support playback function: single, continuous (amplitude less than 5A), GPS
pulse trigger, binary input combo trigger