PCT200Ai is the current transformer test set can finish various tests of different transformers. Compared with PCT200i,its accuracy is higher.This CT analyzer can test the 0.2s class CT.Only this CT analyzer – the high-accuracy current transformer test set has passed the tests held by Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute.The max permissible error of ratio measurement is ±0.05% and max phase measurement is ±2min.


  • Can test M/P/TP type CTand PT
  • Ratio check up to 30000:1 and 45000:5
  • Knee point check up to 45,000 V
  • Standards: IEC 60044-1,  IEC 60044-6, IEC 61869-2, ANSI/IEEE C 57.13
  • Result saved directly in Excel format
  • Report can be transferred to flash disk via USB port.
  • Weight : 14kg  


Voltage output0-120V
Current output0~5Arms(15Apeak)
Ratio check 
Range30,000:1 – 45,000:5
Knee point checkmax. 45,000V
Burden measurement 
Range0.001-1000 ohm
Accuracy±0.1%±1mΩ Gur
Winding resistance test 
Range0.001-1000 ohm
Accuracy±0.1%±1mΩ Gur

Phase displacement check


Accuracy2 min Gur
Resolution0.01 min
Other test functions 
Accuracy limiting factorYes
Instrument security factorYes
Remanence fluxYes
Secondary time constantYes
Unsaturated inductanceYes
Saturated inductanceYes
Symmetrical short circuit factorYes
Accuracy limiting voltageYes
Transient dimensioning factorYes
Peak instantaneous errorYes
Composite errorYes
Dimensions470×200×245mm (W×H×L)