PONOVO PAC2000B – Panel Mount

PAC2000 amplifier is high quality linear power amplifier specially designed for power system simulation.It realized the high accuracy of the high power and high current successfully.It meets all kinds of capacitive load and inductive load. 


  • 1 Channels current outputs. The output current of each channel can reach 200A RMS. The maximum output power can reach 2400VA.


  Current   0 ~ 200 A RMS
  Max. Output power   >2400VA(200A output)
  Input signal   0~7V RMS(± 10Vpek)
  Current Accuracy   0.2%(0.5A-200A)
  Current Typical Accuracy   < 0.1%
  Differential input impedance   20k ohm
  Gain   2A/V 4A/V 30A/V
  Harmonic Distortion Ratio   ≤0.2%
  Linearity   ≤0.2%
  Phase accuracy   0.2°
  Frequency range   DC-5kHz±1dB
  Step response   < 20us
  Input/output delay   < 20us
  DC power supply   PAP01
  Power supply   3 phase 380V AC 50/60 Hz
  Chassis   4U 19 inches