Precisely and automatically complete power filter amplitude frequency and phase frequency characteristic measurement.Automatically measure power filter by parameters of reactor, capacitor and resistor.Compensate and measure capacitor group unbalanced current 0.01 mA—10 mA 


  • Quickly and accurately test all parameters of power filter by this single device
  • High precision: field test accuracy can reach 5 ‰.
  • High efficiency: compared to the traditional testing methods it saves much time and labor force.
  • Safe and reliable: using high-frequency low-level signal does not generate dangerous high voltage. Thus no safety issue is in the picture in the field.


Signal source technical parameters
Max output voltage 60V RMS
Max output ccurrent 5A
Output frequency 5Hz—3000Hz
Frequency control step 0.1 Hz
Measurement system technical parameters
Accuracyq 0.5%
Frequency 5Hz—3000Hz
Amplitude 0.2V—60V
Accuracy 0.5%
Frequency 5Hz—3000Hz
Amplitude 0.01 A—10 A
Impedance measurement accuracy 0.5%
Impedance measurement range 1Ω—6KΩ
Phase measurement accuracy
Inductance measurement accuracy 0.5%
Inductance measurement range 2mH—10H
Capacitance measurement accuracy 0.5%
Capacitance measurement range 0.05uF—500uF
Unbalance current measurement accuracy 0.5%
Frequency output 100Hz—3000Hz
Amplitude output 0.01 mA—10 mA
Operation Off-line operation/External PC operation
Communication Port USB/100M Ethernet
Self Protection Overload/Overheat
Report 1000 Reports
LCD 8.4″ TFT
Dimension 364 mm×200 mm×475mm (W×H×D)
Weight 11.8kg