PONOVO 4-Quadrant Power Amplifier

PAV Series Four-quadrant Simulation Power Amplifier based on linear power amplifier technology and integrated advanced technical performance and rich functions.
It is vastly used by the institutes in the area of power, new energy, aerospace, rail transport, mining, petrochemical etc.

It is also the ideal R&D device of wind power, PV, electric car, large power charging device, aerospace power system, marine power system, distribute energy, micro grid etc.
It can directly connect to the popular simulation platform.


  • Extremely low harmonic distortion – Even under very non-linear load conditions
  • Fast rise and fall rate>50V/μs
  • Short Input/Output delay: <10μs
  • Wide frequency range DC upto 5kHz
  • High input impedance
  • High output precision
  • High accuracy output
  • Special port for power interactive simulation in 4-quadrant Dual-gain to work smooth with different simulations. measurement, monitor and protection functions
  • High long-term overload characteristic(up to 1-hour)
  • High short-term overload characteristic(for 5-10mins)
  • Support optical digital communication with PHIL interface via AURORA protocol

Super Fast Rise and Fall time

PAV series 4-quadrant amplifiers has

very fast rise and fall rate, which is >50V/us.

User-friendly Designed System Monitor Unit

System monitor unit could be used to control and display the status of each modules of the power amplifier. It could also be capable to output high- accuracy DC simulation signal to 3-phase power amplifier units.

The system monitor unit is user-friendly designed with high-speed DSP control and Color LCD touch- screen for operation.

High Loadability

PAV amplifier’s output power could reach 150% rating on a real load.

Whether operating with inductive or capacitive loads, PAV amplifier could guarantee its stability.

DC output application

As well as AC outputs, DC signals could be easily generated by PAV amplifiers.