Protection Relay Test (6I)

All models here are equipped with 6 current generators. The protection relay kit can be simplified to a large extent with transformer differential protection relay.

Protection Relay Test (3I)

These are basic type protective relay testing sets with 3 current sources. 

Single Phase Relay Tester

Our single-phase relay test kit is based on offering diversified features which make the relay test kit powerful, easy-to-use and multi-functional.

IEC61850 Intelligent Substation Test Solution

Digital  fiber optic relay testing system which provides test solutions for digital substations where only electronic CT’s and PT’s are in use.

Primary Injection Test

PONOVO’s primary injection equipment is based on patented technology which enables long output time at high current output while keeping the primary injection equipment compact. Automatic control, such as ramping, manual, pick up, etc, can be easily realized due to the large LCD display and panel button control.

CT and PT Test

These new CT/PT testers are based on low frequency and variable frequency methods which lead to the great reduction in weight and high knee point test range. With one button click, all test items of the current transformer test set, such as excitation, winding resistance, polarity, phase error, ratio, etc, can be performed automatically.

UHVDC Transmission Test

Are made for DC test series, which includes FT3000, TD4000, TD2000. They are mainly applied in transmission line trap of high DC convertor station, power filter’s characteristic measurement, substation parallel connection capacitance, group, electrified railway high voltage filter, industrial users harmonic management, reactive power compensation adjustment and maintenance check.

Real Time Simulation Amplifier

PA series amplifier is specially designed for RTDS (Real Time Dynamic Simulation) application which requires high power output and high accuracy for all output range. PONOVO also provide customized amplifier system which includes features more than a normal amplifier can provide.